Air Cooled Screw Chiller - fix speed



Karakteristike proizvoda

  • Optimiziran za uporabu s radnom tvari R-134a
  • Široko radno područje (okolna temperatura do -18°C)
  • Low operating cost and extended operating life thanks to the careful design aimed to optimize the energy efficiency of the chillers and to improve installation profitability, effectiveness and economical management
  • 2 or 3 independent refrigerant circuits for outstanding reliability and maximum safety for maintenance
  • Extremely wide range from 290kW to over 2 MW
  • Units with stepless regulation offer the benefit of following the system energy demand at any time with high efficiency if compared to the units with step regulation. Each unit has infinitely variable capacity control from 100% down to 12,5%
  • Advanced compressor and fans design that operate at very low sound levels
  • MicroTech 4 upravljač: sofisticirani prilagodljivi logički softver za stabilne radne uvjete

Tehnički detalji


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